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Compact Power: Springfield XDS 45ACP Range Review

In 2002 Springfield Armory announced a new line of pistols dubbed the XD series. The XD series looks very familiar to the Glock pistol. In a relatively short time frame XD has made a name for itself and has become a serious competitor to Glock possibly because of its ergonomics. Unfortunately for Springfield this new series was of no appeal to me. The Springfield Armory 1911 lineage at the time was still the best value on the market IMHO. In March of 2012 since announcing a newcomer to the XD-S series I have been searching high and low for the right opportunity to review Springfield Armory’s compact power house, The Springfield XD-S 45ACP.

This single stack striker fired pistol has been of high demand and flying off shelves according to my local shops I often visit. I have shot, held and reviewed the Glock 30 and there is no comparison between the two in its slimness. The XD-S should be compared to the single stack Glock 36 even then it sports a slimmer frame.

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