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My Browning Buckmark goes Kaboom!

Chris a veteran shooter just sent me this looking for answers, I am amazed and baffled. What happened here? Possible dirty chamber out of battery firing?

My Browning Buckmark goes Kaboom, I guess it doesn’t only happen to Glocks.

This weekend I was visiting my Brother in law, and while there I went to the range to fire off a few rounds. I was shooting my trusty ’90 Buckmark.

On the last magazine of a 4 box set, it went Bang, Bang, Bang, Kaboom! It was such a shock, I didn’t even bother to check if all my fingers were still attached. I never expected to have a kaboom from a .22LR, much less my Buckmark, which had gone well over 15K rounds without a hitch for the past 20+ years.
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