Bergara B14r Ongoing Range Report

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My Experience With Triggers

Triggers, here is my experience with triggers. Unfortunately the stock trigger is not as good as the T1x or the CZ 457. Mine was pretty heavy and I had to change it. This is one of the perks to having the Rem 700 footprint, anything made for the Rem 700 “should” fit.  First trigger I bought was the TriggerTech Diamond. The fit was fine but I had a lot of problems with it functioning like is should. I won’t go into details but ask if you are interested. Other TriggerTech models I hear work fine. The flat trigger shoe did have a great feel to it.


I returned mine for a refund and then bought what I have in it now, the Elftmann 700 SE. The first one didn’t fit the trigger guard, (too wide). I sent it back to Elftmann and they machined a small amount off the sides. After getting it back the trigger wouldn’t cock on closing, called Art at Elftmann to troubleshoot but no success. Art said he knew what was wrong and sent me a new trigger machined to fit and it works perfect.

Elftmann that’s in the B-14R now. The silver area is where material was removed to fit the trigger guard.



When I sent the Elftmann back to be modified I didn’t know how long it would take or if it would work. So, in the meantime I bought this Bix n’ Andy TacSport PRO. It fit and functioned first time. However it has developed some minor creep that has not been removed by Bullet Central who is the importer and repair facility. It is hard to accurately measure triggers this light with a Lyman trigger gauge but the Bix is lighter than the Elftmann and it shows on the scale too.

Flat shoe trigger blade installed plus this is how it come back from Bullet Central.


Anyone who reads about these triggers should take what I have experienced and apply it to their decision making. If you want the Elftmann it will have to be modified by Elftmann or you can open up your trigger guard or if you are buying another stock/chassis it will probably fit. Elftmann comes in either red or black and with a straight and curved trigger shoe. The Bix TacSport PRO comes with the round trigger shoe and if you want the flat one it will cost extra. Also, you may read about the three different top sears that are offered. The middle size (default) sear is what you will need. Other words, it comes with what you need.

Sorry about the book, I normally never type this much.

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  1. John W says:

    Any updates on the ELF trigger in the B14r? I’m looking at getting that same trigger. Sent an email to ELF, and they said they definitely can mill one down for me. Or would it just be easier to mill out the trigger housing on the rifle?

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