Bergara B14r Ongoing Range Report

| June 18, 2020 | 1 Comments

Making The Bergara Mine

Long overdue update.

Couldn’t be guaranteed I would get the same lot number on the Wolf MT so I didn’t buy any. Nothing to report accuracy wise as my match ammo selection is almost non existent.

I have swapped out the Bix TacSport PRO trigger for the Red Elftmann. I also have the swept bolt handle and red Dragon scale knob from Anarchy Outdoors. I will be trading in the silver for the black version on the Bergara because they didn’t have they wouldn’t have the black in stock for another two weeks when I called them.

Trigger pull on the Elftmann is just a few ounces heavier at 6 oz than the Bix. I will be saving the Bix to put in another rifle TBD later on this year.

If anyone decides to go this route with the bolt handle and knob, be sure and get the ball knob or a knob no longer than 1.5″; anything longer and you may have trouble accessing the trigger quickly when closing the bolt down.

Because the B-14R has the Rem 700 footprint it would be a rifle to keep forever, that’s the way I look at mine. I don’t know how many thousands of rounds I have fired through mine but it has never malfunctioned that wasn’t caused by operator error. That would be short stroking the bolt. There’s already a fast growing aftermarket support for the B-14R. I can’t help but believe mine is getting more accurate as I shoot it. I know that goes against the grain for what I believe but I can’t deny the results. I finally found a SK Rifle Match lot number that warrants buying a case of it, which I already have. The lot number also shoots well enough to support the case buying decision.

I had a couple of flaky unexplained bad shots but that’s just rimfire for ya.








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  1. John W says:

    Any updates on the ELF trigger in the B14r? I’m looking at getting that same trigger. Sent an email to ELF, and they said they definitely can mill one down for me. Or would it just be easier to mill out the trigger housing on the rifle?

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