Bergara B14r Ongoing Range Report

| June 18, 2020 | 1 Comments

Elftmann Tactical Trigger

Update on the Elftmann. The second one didn’t work out. The bolt shroud hits the safety lever, the bolt won’t cock on closing. Total fail. I talked with Art and sent photos. He is sending me a 3rd one to try, if that doesn’t work I will get a refund.

Glad I bought the Bix’n Andy TacSport PRO. Here are a few targets shot over the weekend. This is the first threaded rifle I have that seems to shoot better without the Sparrow. Some of the targets shown below contain 25 rounds shot with the Sparrow and 25 without. You can see the difference. All targets shot with 20 in/lb on the receiver screws.

After comparing 4,250 shots “recorded on paper” out of the B-14R with various ammo, suppressed, unsuppressed, and various torque settings on the receiver screws, it appears that 40 in/lb on the receiver screws, shot unsuppressed is the most accurate setup.

As far as the pull weight goes it’s really good. I haven’t had any issues with slam fires or not cocking. It did develop a bit of creep that happens about 50% of the time. I sent it back to Bullet Central for them to look at. Other than that issue it’s been perfect. Call the guys at BC and see what they say.

Elftmann finally come through for me. Received the 3rd trigger today. Installed it, safety doesn’t hit the bolt shroud now and I was able to get the weight down to an average of 5.5-6 oz. Shot 200 flawless rounds today so it was a huge success.

I can now recommend Elftmann along with Bix’n Andy for the Bergara B-14R. I want to say that if you do decide to buy the Elftmann, the ones on the seller’s shelves will more than likely have the button head style screw holding the safety on. This button head will hit your bolt shroud. You will need a flat head screw. Just know this before you buy. The other issues I had, I believe were isolated incidents.

Got my Bix TacSport PRO back today. My pull weight, for all practical purposes is like yours chillywig. I have installed but but not shot it yet. After I got it adjusted, my average of 5 pulls are as shown. The highest pull was 3.4 oz and the lowest was 2.9 oz. No creep from what I can tell. I do prefer the Bix over the Elf. Also included are a couple of shots from a few days back showing the Elftmann. I have the round trigger shoe on because Elftmann forgot to send me the flat trigger shoe.







Elftmann trigger, I must admit, I do like the red on black/gray look. I am tempted to get a red knob to go with the swept back handle I got coming. If I end up getting a RimX, Deuce or Vudoo barreled action this Elftmann will probably go in the B-14R.






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  1. John W says:

    Any updates on the ELF trigger in the B14r? I’m looking at getting that same trigger. Sent an email to ELF, and they said they definitely can mill one down for me. Or would it just be easier to mill out the trigger housing on the rifle?

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