Bergara B14r Ongoing Range Report

| June 18, 2020 | 1 Comments

Day 2 Bergara Testing

Today I shot close to 850 rounds. The Bergara as a whole worked perfect as expected. I’m getting used to the trigger and it warmed up close to 50. The wind wasn’t as bad as yesterday but my shooting was not up to par. I’ll post all the plates regardless instead of cherry picking. I will say I am going to shoot all the Eley over, hopefully tomorrow. I believe the Eley would have done better and that my shooting was not where it could have been. Looking back I know where I did make a few mistakes. Most of it was basic consistency issues. I cleaned the Sparrow but it couldn’t keep up with unsuppressed accuracy. Going forward either I will shoot all 50 shots suppressed or not. Only the Eley and two plates with Lapua was shot suppressed today.

I started with a clean barrel but didn’t clean before switching ammo. Plates listed from top to bottom are also the order in which they were shot.

First up for the day was Eley Target. No cold bore flyer. No fouling shots. First 5 shot group was 3/8″. So much for the mythical fouling shots. I guess it’s not mythical but I also don’t believe it is needed with every gun. No idea what happened with the second group “?” mark shot, can I blame it on the ammo?  Also this was the first time using the Sparrow.

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  1. John W says:

    Any updates on the ELF trigger in the B14r? I’m looking at getting that same trigger. Sent an email to ELF, and they said they definitely can mill one down for me. Or would it just be easier to mill out the trigger housing on the rifle?

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