22LR Challenge/Callout: Lithgow 101 and Eley Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision Ammo

| February 16, 2020 | 2 Comments

I came across some brand new Eley Semi Auto Benchrest Precision Ammo.

Eley Benchrest

I have not shot 22LR in a long time and was reminiscing of great times from my youth and decided to pick up a box to try. I am inviting all comers to this challenge. Send me your targets if you need someone to measure them more than happy to do it. Let’s see if we can make this the largest farthest reaching 22LR challenge on the net. Send the link to your family and friends, enjoy the love and camaraderie.

Get out with your 22LR it is guaranteed to create lasting memories.

Leader Score Board

Bolt Action Class Scoped

Mr.Revolverguy – 0.422MOA Lithgow101

Mr. Revolverguy – 0.394in 0.752MOA CZ455 Trainer

Rebel – 0.458MOA

Rifle – Vintage Class -20 Years or Older

Dellet – 0.544in – 1904 Stevens 44 — Scoped

Mr. Revolverguy – 0.688in – 1941 Marlin81DL – 1.314MOA — Scoped

Jerry Marshall – 0.690in – 53 Year Old Mossberg — Scoped 

Sixshootertexan – 0.860 – Marlin Glenfield 1941 — Scoped

Semi Auto Action Class Iron Sights

Jerry Marshall – 1.020in

Semi Auto Action Class Scoped

Rebel – 0.367in Ruger10/22 Tactical Solutions Barrel Federal Gold Match Ammo .700MOA

DM aka Demolition Man – 0.449in JP Enterprises Upper with Suppressor – 0.857MOA

Mr. Revolverguy – 0.560in – Volquartsen Snake Flute – 1.071MOA

Mr. Revolverguy – 0.567in – JP Enterprise Upper without Suppressor – 1.083MOA

Maxx Bear – 0.625in Ruger10/22

ZenMaster – 0.640in Ruger10/22 – 1.222MOA

Mr. Revolverguy – 0.774in – JP Enterprise Upper with Suppressor – 1.478MOA

OCD Outdoors – 1.46in Ruger10/22

KFW – 1.8645in

SixShooterTexan – 1.875in


KFW Joins The Challenge


SixShooterTexan Joins The Challenge

Keep them coming! I will be adding a score card soon to the top of this post.

Rebel Joins The Challenge

Rebel is shooting a Hall custom action, Lilja barrel, Harrells tuner, old Bausch and Lomb 20 x

Smallest group of both targets 0.458 Moa


My Brother Jerry Marshall Joins The Challenge

Jerry is shooting a 53 year old Mossberg 22 Best group 0.690. Jerry also was the first to join with iron sights on an old 10/22 with a group – 1.020. 

Whats even more impressive is Jerry used 30 year old ammo, Federal Lightening.




ZenMaster Joins The Challenge


Mr. Revolverguy 2nd Entry 22LR Challenge Marlin81DL 1941 – Vintage Class

SixshooterTexan Joins the Vintage Class Marlin Glenfield 1941


Maxx Bear Joins The Challenge Ruger 10/22 with a submission of 0.625in

Rebel Takes The Lead With This Group in Semi Auto Scoped Class





























Mr. Revolverguy with CZ455 Trainer


Dellet Joins Us In The Vintage Class Stevens 44






Mr. Revolverguy with JP Enterprise Upper


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2 Comments on "22LR Challenge/Callout: Lithgow 101 and Eley Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision Ammo"

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  1. CharlieBS'er says:

    Best Challenge yet to come to the Porch…

    Got everybody in a stir … got everyone talking everyday.

    Thanks Marine

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  2. Michael Hester says:

    Great challenge. People getting out and shooting. What it’s all about. And of course the chance to beat Gunny. Appreciate it Mr. Revolver Guy!

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