Lipsey’s Exclusive Ruger Blackhawk 10MM: 200gr Chronograph Test: Part3

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I split the video up into 3 segments and this is final episode of this 3 part series

Chronograph Testing
Ammunition 200gr LSWC
Chronograph 3-5 Yards Downrange
Para Elite Hunter 10MM – 6in Barrel
S&W 610 10MM – 3 7/8in Barrel
Ruger Blackhawk 10MM – 6in Barrel

Chronograph Data
Para Elite Hunter
Hi = 1230
Low = 1142
Average = 1181
The chronograph displayed an error of 1543 reading which I have excluded from these numbers.

S&W 610
Hi = 1112
Low = 1048
Average 1077
ES = 64
SD = 23

Ruger Blackhawk
Hi = 1254
Low = 1139
Average = 1186
ES = 115
SD = 40

Ruger Blackhawk 1186fps, Para Elite Hunter 1181fps, S&W 610 1077fps.
I measured the cylinder gap of the revolvers by holding the cylinder to the rear of the frame as tight as I could get it. I am amazed at the tight fit of the Ruger Blackhawk.

Ruger Blackhawk Cylinder Gap .0025 — .003 would not fit
S&W 610 Cylinder Gap .005 — .006 would not fit

The loads you see mentioned in the video were safe in all pistols displayed, but it is recommended that you start 3-5% lower and work your way up to be safe.

My everyday 200gr range load will be aimed at 1150FPS.

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