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Savage 10TR Update #3 Yankee Hill Suppressor

This is the third update I have posted on this rifle. Each time with a slightly different configuration and ammunition.
No real commentary in this post other than groups seem to be tightening up and this was a blast without the noise.
This is a Yankee Hill Flash Hider, this is needed to screw on their .30cal Yankee Hill Phantom Suppressor

I did shoot two groups with just the flash hider to see how it would perform.
100 Yards

I then let the barrel cool and added the suppressor.

The groups opened up a bit with the suppressor on. Though I was amazed at the lack of sound. It is much quieter than when we have shot it on AR10′s, most likely due to the lack of action movement compared to that of the AR variances.

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Savage 10TR LEO Without Muzzle Brake — Update

Back in September I blogged about the Savage 10TR LEO.Immediately I began to get emails questioning the rifles capability and it’s accuracy. There were many speculations for example the barrel needing to be broken in, the after market muzzle brake affecting the barrel harmonics. I offered up needing to find the right load and a high probability of the shooter being the issue. Well today I was able to make it out to the range to try the rifle without the JP enterprises muzzle brake. Before I continue on about the rifle let me first say this muzzle brake works and works well. Without the muzzle brake the rifle noticeably recoiled more, I rate this muzzle brake a 5 out of 5 stars and as soon as another crusher washer arrives from Brownells I will be reinstalling it. This also means I didn’t notice any increase in accuracy after removing the muzzle brake, but I did notice an increase in accuracy with a different load.

I received many emails from many readers, some indicating I was giving Savage a bad name with my poor shooting, others saying I was taken by Savage and should demand a refund as it would never compete with a Remington 700. Amongst all of the emails I did find a hidden gem. One of the readers mentioned I should try 43grains of IMR4064 under the Sierra 168gr MatchKing BTHP. He indicated he has won many matches with the recipe and also pointed me to After checking my Sierra reloading manual and Lyman 48&49 manuals and determining this to be a safe load I decided to load a few rounds to try. It is always best practice to start at the minimal load and work your way up to your intended load, I typically increase my loads in increments of .5grains.

As it turns out the Savage 10TR seemed to like the new load.
Groups were shot at 100 Yards from bench rest. And all rounds measured, I did not exclude any flyers some of which I knew was because of me.
Reload — Sierra 168gr Matchking IMR 4064 Group Size .745

After seeing the results of the new IMR 4064 load in the Savage 10TR, Darrell and I thought we should see how it performs in the DPMS SASS AR10 with Yankee Hill Suppressor, we both were excited by the results.

The two groups on the left were shot with the new IMR load. The middle group was shot with Winchester Match which did not perform in either rifle and was disappointing considering the price for one box being $12 more expensive than Federal Gold Medal Match.

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3 Day Range Review of the Savage 10TR Law Enforcement Only

Savage Arms has been making rifles since 1894 when the company was first organized. History knows Savage Arms for creating the first hammerless lever action model 99, which was revolutionary and included technology such as a rotary magazine and a round counter displaying the number of rounds left in the receiver. Today they are known for creating affordable precision rifles bearing the AccuStock and more widely known the AccuTrigger, and I have been lucky enough to receive a Savage 10 TR LEO sporting both of these features. This model is more like Sasquatch as it is rarely seen in public, Savage doesn’t even have any reference to it on their website. You may find pictures of it here and there on the internet but very few have seen this rifle in person. As I understand it from my Savage representative Savage Arms created this rifle for Law Enforcement purchase only to compete with the Remington 700. I have spent 3 days evaluating this rifle and my initial impression is lookout Remington. This rifle has mass appeal, tactically appealing to Swat Team sniper members and the price-tag will catch the eye of many city politicians and bean counters.

In my best Ringling Brothers Ringmaster voice — Ladies and Gentlemen lay your eyes on the rare Savage 10TR LEO.

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