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Ruger Six Series Review: An Obsession

I figured that I might help you understand my obsession.

By Mark Singer

Safe Direction Firearms

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In this author’s humble opinion it is the best revolver ever offered by Ruger. As compared to a Smith and Wesson I’d say there is a tiny bit of travel in single action with nearly zero pressure behind it and while the single action may not be as crisp as a S&W; I like how smooth the double action trigger is compared to the Smith. I even think the Security, Speed, and Service six revolvers’ DA triggers are better than other Ruger models, such as the GP100 and SP101. Also, Ruger revolvers tend to be low maintenance and are very easy for a novice to completely disassembly.

.357 Magnum Ruger Security Six Early 150 Prefix Model





180gr Factory Ammo caught on high speed camera.

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Smith and Wesson 625-8 Jerry Miculek Review


In December of 2013 I turned 45 years old. As a consolation prize for being that age and a self congratulatory token for actually making it, I decided that I needed to buy a gun that matched my age. A 45. With absolutely no idea on what I was going to get the madness of research began. I’m not made of money, not by a long stretch, but I didn’t mind spending a little something extra on it given the occasion. I looked at single action revolvers in 45 Colt, semi automatics in 45ACP, rifles in the same chambering as well as 454 Casull and 45-70 Gov’t. Another 1911 was the obvious choice but I didn’t want to commit too soon. So the search continued. That’s about when I stumbled on the double action revolver chambered in .45ACP. I was intrigued to say the least. I mean, who wouldn’t be. As I researched I began to realize that the gun would require the use of moon clips. I did a bit more research and found that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. They aren’t the devil that some make them out to be. In the zone, I contacted my local gun shop, spoke to the manager, and put a 625 on order with him. He didn’t take any money as by his estimation we wouldn’t be seeing the gun until somewhere around the time that Beezelbub would need a fur coat. I left pensive, but excited.
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S&W 629 Competitor Range Review

For me there aren’t many experiences that beat shooting a top shelf highly tuned revolver. This experience ranks right up there with sporting around town in a 1970 Hemi Powered Cuda and laying a little rubber down on the street. Though it has been many years since I have sat behind the wheel of a vintage hotrod, recently I was afforded the opportunity to review one of Smith and Wesson’s latest hotrods the S&W 629 Competitor. Let me tell you this is no standard 629 it is truly one on steroids. Built on the time tested N Frame this Performance Center revolver has been through an overhaul with new innovation like a weighted barrel and the bead blasted finish making it easy on the eyes.
44magCompetitor (1)
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