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Para Elite LS Hunter 10MM Review

In 1978 Col. Cooper teamed with Thomas Dornaus and Michael Dixon to bring about the 10MM Auto. Thomas Dornaus and Michael Dixon developed the Bren Ten semiautomatic pistol first known in  .40 Super which would eventually evolve into Col. Cooper’s 10mm Auto. While I have always been a fan of the 10mm Auto, I didn’t turn into a true fanatic of the round until I started to reload for it. The 10mm Auto is one of the most underappreciated of the modern cartridges, though it does have a cult like following. For those that are familiar with the 10MM Auto appreciates its versatility as a self defense, hunting and range cartridge. This versatility is delivered through a wide range of bullet weights and power levels. I believe the 10MM Auto will only become more popular over time. Since the introduction of the Colt Delta Elite in 1987 and the popular TV show Miami vice. I accredit these two for resurrecting the 10MM Auto from it’s grave after being decommissioned by the FBI. More modern day pistols continue to be developed by S&W, Glock, EAA, Colt, Dan Wesson and Para Ordinance. Being very familiar with the S&W 610 Revolver capable of firing the 10MM Auto and 40S&W cartridges you could only imagine the excitement at the opportunity to review a 10MM Auto 1911.

Today I am here to take a closer look at the Para Ordinance LS Hunter 10MM Auto Pistol.







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Hornady LnL AP Primer Dimple Fix

This past week I have read many forum post about reloading presses as it seems more and more shooters are getting into reloading with the ammunition shortage still looming. New users have been eager to understand the different presses on the market many comparing their valued advantages and disadvantages.

Many have complained about the Hornady LnL AP and the primer dimple and the primer system of the Hornady. Owning a Hornady press I spent most of my time reading forums trying to understand the complaints and at the top of the list was priming issue. After 16 thousand rounds my Hornady LnL AP has been flawless. Though it had started to exihbit the dreaded primer punch dimple. This is where the steel primer punch starts to where a considerable sized recession in the press frame. As this started to happen many report that they start to experience high primers from not being fully seated. Though I have never had this issue, I used a little glue to keep a penny in place over this spot.

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The S&W Performance Center Craftsmanship

By Mark Singer
Safe Direction Firearms
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Today, many individuals feel that the venerable 6 shooter or the wheel gun is all but obsolete. The popularity of the revolver within law enforcement agencies was staggering and then the advent of the first wonder nines. The first high capacity semi-automatic pistols adopted by many police agencies in the 1980’s and were primarily produced in 9mm Luger (parabellum) And as law enforcement changes so do the preferences of the armed community; with high capacity semi-autos sweeping the market. Yet today revolvers are still capable and a lot of fun when you combine 44 magnum with Buffalo Bore Ammunition.

Flash 48b  629


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